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How many full-size digital scrapbooking kits
can you buy for $21?  

The average price at other
Websites is $6 to $7 each, so $21 at a typical
site will buy you
about 3 full-size kits.
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What can you buy for $21 at

You get ALL full-sized kits, mini-kits, add-ons,
quick pages, embellishments, and backgrounds
on the Website for one low price. In fact, you
can download everything on the Website for a
whole year!

For just $1.75 USD a month (yearly subscription $21 USD),
you can download every element, background, quick page,
and kit on our Website. We add new designs frequently, so
you'll continue to get value for your money throughout the year.

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Love your new site! Can't wait to join.

I’m so in love with your kits!!

I really do love your work :)

Marvelous work as usual!

Thanks again! All your kits are very beautiful. The elements are past being
GREAT. I am looking forward to putting my pages together.

I am so very happy Mangels Designs e-mailed me your address so I could
click on it and find this wonderful surprise.

Thanks so much. Looking forward to a long relationship with

Great work!!! Just beautiful designs.

Your work is really beautiful and easy to work with.

Thank you so much! I have to say that I'm really looking forward to putting
your kits to good use - everything is so lovely. Thank you.

Your price is excellent for such quality artwork!!
Download anything and everything for one low price... just $1.75* a month!
* Annual subscription just $21 USD
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Undersea Abstraction
Frame those beautiful photos of expectant mothers
with this unique kit that includes two quick pages
along with separate backgrounds and embellishments.
You'll love the gorgeous colors and graceful abstract designs in this kit. Two quick pages will
get you started, and a multitude of backgrounds and embellishments will inspire many more.
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