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Fall is a time to reflect on the bounty of blessings we have received and to
express our gratitude. These photo backgrounds and word art, each
provided separately so you can create your own custom page designs, will
create a soft, subtle backdrop for your Thanksgiving Day photos.
Designer's Corner
Falling for Fall
This softly colored kit to celebrate fall includes 8 background papers, 4 leaf-shaped tags, 5 buttons, string tie, 3 straight
ribbons, and 3 curled ribbons. Two quick pages will frame your photos with very little effort. A unique tree-shaped quick
page has 6 blank spots to insert photos of your own family tree.  
Undersea Abstraction
We are happy to introduce two new Contributing
Designers to Their
creative designs can be downloaded
Ann started traditional scrapbooking in
1964 when she was inspired by a trip to
California. Being a full-time ad designer
for the previous 11 years created a
springboard for Ann into digital
scrapbooking. Growing up in the 50s, Ann
remembers  poodle skirts and saddle
shoes and her brother playing Elvis
Presley’s Hound Dog over and over. Ann
turned her memories into an adorable
1950s scrapbook kit, which she graciously
offers to you without cost.
Oh Give Thanks
Contributing Designer
Chloe Tan began
taking photos in middle
school. Her father
owned a photo lab and
took portrait and
wedding photos, which
exposed her to
photography early.
Chloe received her first
camera at the age of 5.
She became a scrap
addict in January 2007
when she was exposed
to digital scrapbooking,
and Chloe is now an
avid scrapbooker and
Fabulous '50s
Four Seasons
Pretty Love
Grapes Suzette
The Tuscany-inspired colors in this kit range from deep wine purple to
pale gold. The kit includes 3 tiles with painted grapes and a grapevine
winding from one tile to the next, 6 trivets in various designs and
finishes, 6 buttons (2 not shown), 5 background papers, and a fanciful
flower and vine.  Two templates are also included, one with a soft wine
bottle vignette and vivid grapes in various hues.
Country Christmas
Place your Christmas photos on these bright traditional
backgrounds and embellish them with beautiful glass balls,
fabric bows, and a modern aluminum tree. Glass tiles are
decorated with green glitter and a shiny snowman. A Santa hat
and jolly Santa will give your photos a festive look. And the
Wise Men following the Christmas star remind us all of the
"reason for the season."
A Merry Little Christmas
Pickles and Ice Cream
This kit will remind you of cuddling in a warm quilt in a cozy cabin
with a roaring fire while celebrating an old-fashioned country
Christmas. Six backgrounds and fabric trees, wooden buttons,
carved shapes, and frosty snow-covered trees are included.
You can stop wondering where to find a kit to coordinate with those beautiful photos of expectant mothers! Here you'll find just
what you need. Two quick pages -- one in pink and one in blue -- will get you started. Nine background papers, 3 tags, 3
frames, buttons, bows, storks, and pregnant silhouettes will inspire your creative juices. And how could the kit be complete
without -- you guessed it -- pickles and ice cream!
You'll love the moody violets, pale pinks, and deep sea blues in this kit. Many bonus embellishments are included that
are not shown above. With two beautifully designed quick pages and multi-framed templates, you'll be off to a great
start in framing photos of your water babies. The kit contains more than a dozen background papers and 3 dozen
embellishments, including a variety of abstract swirls, shells, plants, and a seahorse. You'll find yourself returning again
and again to use these elements to embellish many types of photographs.